Does Miley forget her fans are pre-teens?

miley-cyrus-photos-5Miley Cyrus deleted her twitter account because her new boyfriend didn’t like it.  A bad PR move? In more ways than one…

Cyrus’s fan base still is, and always will be, Disney channel’s Hannah Montana fans, whether she chooses to believe that or not.  Miley needs to embrace this fact rather than fight it.  Pre-teens want to see Hannah Montana, and parents are doing anything they can to get tickets to sold-out concerts because that is what their little princesses want.

Miley is going to lose some points with those parents for this one.  Do you want your daughter to idolize a 16-year-old girl that changes just because her new boyfriend doesn’t like it?  Miley’s last tweet:

FYI Liam doesn’t have a twitter and he wants ME to delete mine with good reason.”

Miley (or her publicist) must have realized that she was tarnishing her perfect role-model status because an official statement was posted on her website stating that Liam was not the reason for deleting her Twitter account. She simply wants more privacy. I guess her Twitter account was invading her privacy because she felt the need to tweet about pointless things all day long.

She also complains that everything she says is used by the tabloids and that the internet breeds negativity.  If that is the case, then from a public relations standpoint, shouldn’t you keep your channel of communicating to your publics open?

But, after the statement was posted, the Miley-Twitter saga then took a turn for the worst.

What started off as a bad idea by a teenage celebrity who is trying too hard to impress her new boyfriend, turned into what looks like a bad publicity stunt. Yes, I’m talking about the video.

It’s tacky. It’s annoying.  It’s poorly lip-synced.  Again, I rewind to the fact that most of her fans are pre-teens. Is this appropriate?

Publishing the statement on the website was a good move, whether you agree with what it says, it was the right move for damage control from a public relations perspective.  By posting this video right there with it, the statement was lost.  All attention goes to the ridiculous video that makes her seem like an obnoxious brat.

If I could have given Miley some PR counsel…

I would have first advised her to keep her Twitter account going for the sake of having a way to communicate personally with her publics at any given moment. Then I would have said if you don’t want to use Twitter anymore, then don’t. It’s not like she was using it for legitimate PR purposes. Her followers don’t really need to know what she ate for dinner.

It could have been that simple. Just stop tweeting gradually until nothing at all. No need to announce it. Sure, a fan or the media may ask why you stopped tweeting and then you could have said you wanted more privacy or that it was too time consuming.

This obviously was not meant to be handled professionally and tactfully. It was intended to get attention and publicity.  Come on, you saw the video.