Did TLC make the right choice with “Kate plus 8”?

With ratings tanking, TLC had to make some changes to its once hit show “Jon and Kate Plus 8.”  With their divorce Jon and Kate Plus 8battle, conflicts over money and questionable parenting, the Gosselins have become a public relations nightmare for the TLC channel, that’s known for its wholesome programming.

“Jon and Kate Plus 8” was a reality show that followed the couple and their eight children. The focus of the show was supposed to be the challenges of raising eight children; however the focus has now shifted to Jon and Kate.  The show was a hit during its first five seasons, but since the announcement of Jon and Kate’s divorce was made over the summer, ratings are suffering.

For the upcoming season, the network has decided to proceed with “Katie Plus 8.”  Jon will only appear on occasion and the show will showcase Kate as a single mom.

Did TLC make the right decision to say adios to Jon?


  • During the recent seasons, Jon was home with the kids while Kate was writing books, touring and trying to make herself into a celebrity.
  • Jon is constantly fighting to keep his kids out of the spotlight.  He genuinely wants them off the television for Jon Gosselintheir own protection.
  • Jon has filed papers to delay divorce proceedings in an attempt to patch things up with Kate or at the very least, make peace.


  • TLC recently released a statement in response to Jon’s comments calling his behavior erratic, unprofessional and self destructive.
  • Jon has been quoted on numerous occasions talking about how he doesn’t like being on the show and wanted to quit.
  • Jon’s been partying, drinking and allegedly a new girlfriend. This doesn’t exactly portray the picture of a father of 8 young children.

KateIn the end, TLC probably made the right choice.

Jon comes off as a victim to Kate’s brass personality a lot of the time and seems like the nice guy. It may have been a good idea to do the nice guy single dad show for something different. However, Jon blames TLC for everything that has gone wrong and openly speaks out about them. Since it’s TLC reputation on the line, they are not going to make a deal with someone they see as a loose cannon.  For TLC, this was the best decision. Even though they will likely loose viewers who can’t stand Kate, they can depend on Kate to follow the image they wish and stick to the communications objectives.

Although Kate is unpleasant and sometimes downright nasty, she is going to put her best foot forward. Kate wants to be a full blown celebrity and is using anything she can to her benefit.  A new season portraying her as a single “super mom” is likely to enhance her image and reputation.

From the publicity angle, the constant fighting and insults and tabloid photos between Jon and Kate are keeping them in the news. From a public relations standpoint, if Kate can make this work and improve her image as a good mom and keep the insults to Jon to a minimum, she will likely stop getting bad press.



  1. Actually I only liked the show when they began fighting. Other than that it was not reality. Who has eight kids and manages to get deals on everything from live-in help to pony rides. At least when they had their problems it became a little more real.

  2. I can`t belive that kate and john broke up! I was so sad

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