Does Kim Kardashian have a PR degree?

E! Reality star Kim Kardashian will produce a new reality television show based on PR that is planned to debut in 2010.

Kardashian and Cheban

Kardashian and Cheban

This has made quite a buzz on Twitter and PR bloggers are dying to chime in, myself included.

In an article on, Kardashian says of the possible series, which will be comprised of 30-minute episodes, “It’ll show all the ins-and-outs of PR. It’s going to be really fun. It’ll show how there’s lots of drama and crisis in the PR world.”

I think Kim may be confused.  She followed up with this:

“Every week we’ll have a different celebrity and a different crisis and drama. The great thing about Jonathan and Simon is that they focus on corporate PR and building brands; they don’t represent any individuals, so they see the bigger picture. They see how to make a celebrity into a brand. I’ve seen so many things go so close to going wrong, and then they fix everything.”

They focus on corporate PR and don’t represent any individuals, but they work with celebrities?

That’s a pretty contradictory statement Kim.  Too bad she didn’t have public relations counsel to help her prepare for the People Magazine interview to best communicate her key messages.

Many folks from the PR world are questioning the validity of Command PR and its founder Jonathan Cheban.

It’s difficult to say how legit Cheban is. The website for Command PR is lacking, to say the least.  It’s a single page that gives an address and phone number with a quote explaining that it focuses on “media buzz”.  No client list. No contact information. No link to social interactive media sites.  It’s hard to believe they specialize in communication. Everyone in PR knows that using the Web is as important as breathing.

Cheban does have a twitter account; however it doesn’t seem that he is using it to advance his PR career.

Does anyone know if Kardashian, Cheban or Huck actually has a degree in public relations?

I even tried to do some Google investigating.  The only thing I could find on Cheban was pictures of him with the Kardashains. Command PR and Simon Huck didn’t bring up much either.  You’d think these PR pros would know how to increase their SEO.

Regardless, is it really that detrimental to the reputation of public relations for these guys to make a reality show? Probably not.  It sounds like Kardashian and Cheban are in the business of publicity.  Specifically, the business in creating media buzz and publicity centered on themselves.

Actual public relations professionals shouldn’t worry. I doubt that any secrets of the trade are going to be divulged or that anyone’s clients are going to drop them and go running to Command PR for their public relations needs.  Come on, they don’t even have a real website.

It seems like Kim may be feeling a little left out while Kourtney and Khloe are Taking Miami and needed to get her name back out there.   At the very least, it should be interesting.